Nuke to Final Cut and backwards !

September 02, 2013

Updated download Link:

If you can not get this script to work, please check out the tutorial:

Everything else has been answered in the comments already.
So please read.

Works on all Nuke versions.

October 06, 2011

XML Script python source code released

Due to some Emails we recieved, we decided to release the source code of our script under GNU General Public License. We think and hope that this will improve the development of this workflow.

Please use this forum to post updated or modified versions of the script.

You can download the new version here:


Donations are welcome


October 05, 2011

XML 2 Nuke script release V01.beta

First release of the Hiero killer ;) script

If you are using the script and it saves you a lot of time and therefore money, think about a donation to help us continue developing the script.



how to install:

-copy the script files into your .nuke folder
-copy the content of the included to an existing, or just use ours.

XML to Nuke general workflow:

-Clean up your edit in Final Cut. No effects and transitions and merge everything to one video layer. Audio that is not embedded in your source footage will be kept.
-Export your sequnce as xml file
-start up nuke and run through the xml import dialog
-dont use handleLength if you got none

-things to keep in mind:
    -it's beta
    -before you start working with the generated scripts change the root format
    -comp after the framerange node
    -set the viewer to input
    -use the renderfolders for your final renders
    -name the different render versions for one take like:,, and so on
    -the file with the highest version will be exported back to final cut

-for export choose the updated xml and use the xml_export dialog

Use at your own risk!

copyright 2011
by m.basan, j.becker, p.brueckner

September 30, 2011


This is a presentation of our final cut to nuke workflow script we developed. The video shows how to use it and the advantages of such a workflow. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
We are going to release the plugin in the near future as a beta Version.
Comments and Donations are welcome.

Presentation of the Final Cut to NUKE XML workflow (python script) .